Shahana Afghan Saffron (SAS) is the branding name of the Afghanistan Saffron Company established in Kabul, Afghanistan. The company is the conqueror of the “Afghanistan Best Exporter” conferred by the ACCI – Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment. We deal with the best-in-class quality of organic saffron dawned from Herat province Afghanistan. In addition, our company also deals with cardamoms and tea. We have the privilege to have a membership of the ACCI (International Chamber of Commerce).

Our company works with both natural as well as vintage materials for the production of saffron. We have the aim to offer new growth to classical societies that are long dependent on either low-income or unauthorized crops. Besides, we also aim to promote new creative products in partnership with distinguished companies globally. We pay decent wages, support local initiatives, and also fund social capacity building activities. We always provide 100% organic, pure, and the best quality of saffron to our most valuable clients. Our primary goal is to fulfill the requirements of our customers along with their satisfaction.

Interior Design

Afghanistan Saffron Company can be considered as a one-stop-shop for all saffron related product and services like organic farming, engineering farm, consultancy, etc,

Our Office

Our Office is located in Kabul, Afghanistan.


Shahana Afghan Saffron Limited is a registered company that is founded under Registration No#139166 and Licence#46607 provided by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries – Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.